Give the Gift of a New Outfit

Clothes donations and store credit consignment in Berlin, NH

Imagine being adopted by a new family and arriving with a trash bag of clothing. Not a full trash bag either - just a few items of clothing and toys floating around in the bottom. This is what our founders witnessed when their adopted children arrived at their new home.

You can understand the sadness that Kevin and David felt when they saw that his kids' only clothing was too small, too big or torn up. So, he created Precious Lil' Ones, a store-credit consignment shop and local charity in Berlin, NH.

Boost your child's confidence

At Precious Lil' Ones, our #1 priority is creating a welcoming space for families seeking affordable, gently used children's clothing and items. We want to boost your child's confidence with stylish clothing and unique toys that stay in good condition - no matter how rowdy playtime gets.

Visit our local charity today to see our full selection. Your child will discover:

  • Stylish clothing
  • Durable shoes
  • Exciting toys

With our store credit consignment, you can sell secondhand clothing back to us for in-store credit. You can use our system to refresh your child's wardrobe and avoid breaking your budget.

Support the local community by donating your used clothing today.

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